May 26, 2011

Lancaster Farm Fresh: Reader Photo and Pickled Baby Turnips

My friend, L., made a stir-fry with the broccoli, mushrooms, and asparagus we received with our share from week 2.  It's a riff off of mapo tofu, with ground beef and... without tofu.  She said the asaparagus was some of the best she's ever had.

And for the folks who are interested,  here's a photo of the pickled baby turnips that I made.

If you're interested in the kind of pickle press I used, here's a version sold by Amazon.  It's simply a plastic container that has a spring-loaded press incorporated into the lid.  I think it's rather pricey, and if you can get someone to bring one back for you from Japan, that's probably the better way to go.  You can also get the same effect by putting weight on your salted vegetables using a brick or a can sitting on top of a plate.

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