May 24, 2011

Lancaster Farm Fresh: Week 2

Well, I have to say, week 2 blew week 1 out of the water.  Our first haul ended up only being enough for about 2 dishes worth of food, and though the vegetables were delish, it was a little disappointing.  It had us thinking that we may have to supplement the CSA with other vegetables.  However, week 2 came in with guns blazing.  We probably doubled the amount we received the first week.

And so, without further ado, allow me to present our share list.

Full share

1 Bag Blue Oyster Mushrooms from T.O.G.
1 Bunch Baby Hakurei Turnips from Autumn Blend Organics
1 Bunch Green Kale from Autumn Blend Organics
1 Bunch Asparagus from Farmdale Organics or Coyote Run Organics
1 Bag Broccoli from Plum Hill Organics
1 Head Red Leaf Lettuce from Railroad Organics
1 Bunch White Scallions from Sunrise Ridge Organics
1 Bag Watercress from Elm Tree Organics
1 Head Bok Choy from Hillside Organics
1 Bunch Thyme from Noble Herbs

Note: This week, we swapped the gigantic bag of thyme that came in our box for another head of bok choy.  The one head we had would have been difficult to split and I already have dried thyme in my cupboard so I didn't see a need to dry some more.  I also didn't store anything according the instructions Lancaster sent, and somehow, they're still ok.  Fresh picked makes a difference!

Unfortunately, due a veggie swap mix-up, I didn't get to eat my most of veggies until Monday, although I did get to make a salad with the lettuce the day I received my half.  And still more misfortune befalls us; because I've been cooking my meals rather late, I haven't bothered to take many pictures of what I've made with the vegetables because by the time I'm done cooking, I just want to eat.

For the sake of the curious, here's a list of what I ended up making with my bounty:

Salad with Cucumber and Cherry Tomatoes - I tossed it in a lemon vinaigrette.  It's the only dish I managed to get a picture of, and as you can see, it's pretty simple.  Nothing much to say except the lettuce was really good, and the tomatoes were kinda eh, but they didn't come from the CSA.

Baked Kale - This turned out quite interesting.  They do very much come out like chips, but I left them in the oven a bit too long and they ended up tasting more toasty than is probably preferable.  They shrink down significantly in volume since all the moisture gets baked out of them, so you might feel a little sad at how much kale you end up with.  However, they were overall pretty tasty, and I would probably make them again.  The boyfriend suggested using sesame oil next time, and I think that would make a good pairing.  If you're interested in trying it out for yourself, you can check out this recipe.  I tossed the leaves in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, onion and garlic powder before baking, and tossed them in salt right at the end.

Steamed Asparagus with pickled Oyster Mushrooms, topped with Bonito Flakes, Soy Sauce, and Sesame Oil - This dish was inspired by the little side dishes that often accompany Japanese home-cooked meals, which I remember fondly from my childhood.  I pickled the mushrooms in a mix of lemon juice, vinegar, and salt, after parboiling them, and it worked out quite well. 

Potato pureed with Turnip Greens - I really liked this, although it may just be because I really like mashed potatoes.  The turnip greens have a delicate flavor, due to being baby greens, and it went very well with the potatoes.  I would definitely make this again.

Turnip pickled with Lemon and Kombu (Seaweed) - This is just a simple pickle.  I mixed the sliced turnips with salt, lemon juice, and seasoned kombu.  Then I stuck the whole thing a pickle press I brought back with me from Japan.  It's actually pickling away in the fridge so I may have a picture of it ready for you tomorrow.

Broccoli - This sucker I ate raw, dipped in hummus, and let me just say, this is some of the best broccoli I've ever eaten.  Tender and sweet, with just the right of amount of crunch and a great broccoli flavor, raw was definitely the best way to eat it.

I still have the watercress and the bok choy, and I will most likely make a watercress and egg drop soup, and a simple bok choy stir fry. 

And that ends my week 2 CSA experience.  Stay tuned for week 3!

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