May 4, 2011

Lancaster Farm Fresh: The Big Day is Here!

I received an e-mail this weekend finally announcing our first pick-up day (today).  The e-mail included the address for the drop-up location and the time window for us to go get our boxes.  Helpfully included with the e-mail is a link to Lancaster's member handbook, which includes a lot of useful information about what to expect when you receive your box and other guidelines for a smooth pick-up process. 

Overall, I've been really pleased with the level of communication from Lancaster.  They don't e-mail too often to be annoying, but always make a lot of information available to their customers in a timely manner, so you're never left wondering what's happening.  If I had a negative thing to say, I would that they're not completely ready for the summer season, as the page for their Vegetable Field Guide is still under construction and lacks any useful information. 

However, they are aware of this, and in their second e-mail this week, they included instructions on how to store the vegetables we would be receiving.  The second e-mail I received this week is of a type I will be receiving every week in advance of my box drop-off.  Lancaster calls it the shopping list, and it includes a list of the vegetables I will be receiving that week, which is great for someone like me, who likes to know things in advance so I can think about a meal plan.  I like to ruminate on menus, so the more advance notice I get, the better.  It also helps in that it allows to consider whether or not you'll need to supplement the CSA offerings.  

There is no complaint about getting this shopping list only a few days ahead of receiving the box itself.  This is because the vegetables are harvest shortly before they are delivered, so it only makes sense that Lancaster would only be able to provide the shopping list in a small time frame, when they know for sure what they'll be picking and what they'll have available for their customers.

I'm unspeakably excited for this first drop-off!  I'll be posting pictures and a list of what I received soon, and hopefully, also a post about some of dishes made with the vegetables.  Can't wait!

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